Level sensor Made of Technopolymer for High-temperature Applications


High performance, advanced technology and innovative materials
When technology combines with competitiveness. A successful choice that suits the technologically new products developed by Euroswitch, an Italian manufacturer that has made premium quality level, pressure, temperature and rotation sensors for 35 years  for application in numerous fields of industry.
It is difficult to imagine how a component made of a “poor” material such as plastic can guarantee reliability even in heavy-duty applications. Yet this is now possible with the new level sensor manufactured by Euroswitch.
Let’s take a look at the detail.
The SPF level switch is a liquid level sensor made of a new technopolymer that is suitable for continuous operation at temperatures up to 130°C.
It is the result of constant experimentation with new materials in the search for maximum efficiency with clear competitive advantages in terms of cost and weight compared to the use of traditional metals.
The new technopolymer features high mechanical and physical properties, such as rigidity, toughness and stability at high temperatures, resistance to ageing  and compatibility with oils and coolants.

It is available in the wired version, or with IP67 integrated connectors, type DEUTSCH DT04-2,  AMS Super Seal or AMP Junior Power Timer.

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